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Air Conditioning.


We may not have long summers but we sure can get hot ones! Just like your furnace, we offer maintenance, repairs & new installations on air conditioners.  Your air conditioner is one of the only pieces of mechanical equipment that is outdoors.  This leaves it very vulnerable to the outdoor elements and regular cleaning is required to keep everything in working condition.

Cooling Services

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Air Conditioners

Happy Customers

“When we moved into our house we knew we would need to get air conditioning.  After a few quotes from various businesses, we realized Casey would give us the best price and the best unit.  So, it was a no brainer! His team installed the A/C within a few hours and we’ve had zero issues since (two years ago).  Then when our furnace was on the fritz on a stat holiday Casey came over within a few hours when I’m sure no other technician would have come in until the following day.  We will use Ellis Mechanical for the rest of our lives! Thank you, Casey and your team!”

- Leon & Tricia Zinkowski, Saskatoon

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